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Confusing about my voice!

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Hi! I'm new to this forum!
I have a question but don't know any one to ask!
I'm practicing the mixed voice recently. But when I sing, record and listen again, I think it's so weird! I have no idea it is a mixed voice or something else. Some people said that it is a falsetto, some said that it is a light (or heady) mixed voice. So it makes me so confused!
Please help me guys! Because I have been warned not to continue singing in that way :(
Thanks for reading my topic!


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You started out in what sounds like mix to me. Who told you not to sing this way and why would they tell you that? Also, it is also kind of hard to hear the different qualities of your voice with all the reverb and delay on this. Is it possible you could post a different version with the voice a little more plain or without effects?


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