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alternative med. for septum surgery last week

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For most of a year I've been getting hoarse in the afternoons, and had trouble nose-breathing at night. Singing generally OK but my speaking voice sucked. Dealt with allergens in home & office, tried steams & salt rinses & nose-sprays, & just ran out of patience being a voice therapist who's always husky!

So last week my local ENT went in & straightened my deviated-septum & "trimmed" nasal turbinates. I know these are common procedures but hey -- new to me -- & I was more anxious about healing process/aftermath than about going under or changing my resonators..

Just want to report that all is going VERY well. Doc said I hardly bled at all during the procedure, & he took out the yukky packing a day earlier than usual. By 3rd day I was nearly off painkillers, and sang easily to high C which I hadn't approached since high school! Now 5 days out, have minimal draining/clearning; upper lip & teeth are a little "odd," & otherwise feel mild fever & sinus pressure that I expect to lick in another few days, especially with an acupuncture treatment tomorrow.

What I did that might have helped (in addition to doctors' orders):

- loaded up on protein, fruit, & prayer in the days before procedure

- "talked to body" several times to make sure everyone (cells) knew what was coming, identify specific fears down to the root, & affirm that Higher Power was taking care of everything.

- reminded MDs several times, in friendly terms, to protect vocal cords; it was the last thing I said before anaesthesia took over!

- got permission to bring iPod & headphones into the OR, & put my favorite healing mantra on "repeat."

- had my husband bring Rescue Remedy and Emergen-C, to give me in water as soon as I was awake.

- took the same supplements that night (& still am taking) that I do during colds/sinus problems: Goji Berry, Bioflavinoids, GoldenSeal, Grapefruit Seed extract. NOT necessarily saying that's the right recipe for everyone, but these are what work for me.

If you've had a similar repair, please let me know how long things might keep feeling weird!

thanks, friends--


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