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Computing Science Student - Final Year Project

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I am a Computing Science Student at Staffordshire University, I am currently completing my final year project which will be a Vocal Warm Up application for the Windows Phone platform, below I have included the abstract of my report to add context, please do note however that this is likely to be reworded and is a draft in its current state,

"The objective of this project is ultimately to create a vocal warm up mobile application, which will assist singers of all levels to properly warm up before singing. The following report details research into specific areas around mobile application development and vocal warm up exercises, it will be used to support design decisions which are made and the development platform which is used. I believe there is currently a gap in the market for such an application, specifically within the Microsoft Windows Phone environment as there are few apps available to users which provide similar features as proposed in the scope of the project."

As part of the research element of my report I have created a survey posted on Survey Monkey and would greatly appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes to complete it, the link can be found below,


If you have any further feedback I would greatly appreciate an email at JBrian30221@yahooo.co.uk


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