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Voice placement and Sensations during singing

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I am currently beginning my thesis on voice placement and sensations experienced during singing.

If you would be so kind to take this survey, it should take about 10-15. Please spread the link around, I'm looking for as many responses as possible, and I certainly will share the findings here!


Thank you so much!


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Hello tenor19, I have a couple points with your survey

First, I would have liked it better to be able to remain anonymous if I so chose. Then, people, say, like me, who ignore their voice type (and may not care about it) lack the option ' I don't know what my voice type is '. I chose Baritone, because that's what the majority of the guys are, but it's probably inaccurate :p

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Ronron, the only privy to the results is me; you can use a handle if you want. I am trying to create statistics, so go with the best fit for voice type and maybe you can explain how not identifying with one voice type or another changes your perceptions of placement? Are those two things connected in some way possibly?

JonPall, if you are interested in the analyzed findings I am happy to provide them!

Please help me reach my goal of 500 survey takers! I'm at 277 right now...I need the help! Forward the link to your singing friends if you have an extra moment and are feeling kind!




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