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Hi guys!

I hope this type of thing is ok to post here. I know it's alway a bit iffy posting something like this as your first post in a forum, but I'm trying to find the spots on the web where singers that own some tech gear hang out. :)

For my Bachelor thesis in music performance I'm researching vocal live effect devices. If you're at all using pedals or multi-effects operated on stage in your live performances, it would be super nice if you could fill out this survey! It is only part of a bigger research, so not very extensive and will only take a couple of minutes to fill out.


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Your post is just fine, Susanne.

It was my pleasure to assist you in your survey. Could you kindly let us know the results of your research when it's completed ?

Wishing you all the best !!!

Warmest Regards,


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25 minutes ago, Robert Lunte said:

Cool, Ill try it... and ya... visit the The TMV Vocal Gear Store and then click on "processing, pedals"... these are all vocal pedals. I have all these pedals. 

Awesome, Coach ! I'm hoping that our members "pitch in" and give Susanne a helping hand with her research.

As for the pedals, all I'm using at the moment are the "Create" and the "Mic Mechanic". I'm not sure if the Antares Vocal Producer 'counts', but I added it regardless. The "mic modeling" and "parametric equalizer" features are awesome !!!


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