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New Mic, Jack Johnson Cover/attempt

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Did you write this tune? if you did, nice work! I think this performance is tasty and sounds great.

My suggestion would be around interpretation and composition of the melody, at approx. 1:51 when you transition to your hook... I would develop your hook melody to sing a little higher... increase the intensity by increasing the pitch. Its the oldest trick in the world of singing. People have been singing with higher pitch in their melodies to create more intensity and drama in singing since we were barking mating calls from the trees. It is embedded in our collective genetic make-up to enjoy hearing high notes from singers.

Lay into the melody the last 45 seconds.

Now, if your going to begin to sing like that, you will need to lean on more technique, things such as dropping your jaw, biting into the sound with your top teeth and blowing more air to support this new dramatic expression at the end of your song to increase the intensity of the interpretation, will be needed.

Nice work, great tune... can be even better with work on developing this already tasty melody. Nice sounding voice, bluesy, layed back and genuine... heartfelt.

Hope this helps...

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