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Preparing for the studio

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I just got back from the studio. We recorded probably 95% of the instruments and its sounding really cool. I'm going back tomorrow to record vocals and do some touch ups on the instruments. I have 2 hours scheduled just for vocals. Any tips to prepare my voice for the studio? Any foods to stay away from or to go towards? I am going to Denny's that morning along with go karting and bowling right after. Any preperation recommendations to get a rockin vocal? 

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just common sense and a light easy warm up


Dennys, hmmm. Everytime I eat at Biscuitville (Its a southern thing) I tend to choke down those biscuits and next thing I feel like I ate a basketball and my stomach hurts all day. I was going to do a birthday song that HAD to be done that day and I ate 2 biscuits that morning and my stomach hurt so bad I was literally in tears trying to do the song


Im guessing that a soda will dehydrate you....drink water

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 I was going to say, have some eggs over easy and regular toast. I would stay away from pancakes and syrup as that might make you phlegmy and the carbs will weigh  you down.

Then drive really fast. Take no prisoners.

If you have been warming up regular during your homework, then you should already have a short warm-up ready for the studio time.

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To sike yourself up you should slap yourself in the face a couple times, then do a couple of really high lip trills at the same time as you pull imaginary butterflies out of the air.  Then just shake it all out make sure you don't have any tension in your body.  Go in there with the right mindset, you are a beast, you were born to sing, you're the best singer in the world, people would kill to have your voice, your goals are achievable.

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Or play some anthemic theme.

Because we are all champions, my friend. And we'll keep on fighting to the end. We are the champions of the world.

I have taken my bows and my curtain calls. You brought me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it and I thank you all. Though it's been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise, I consider it a challenge before the whole human race and I ain't ever going to lose.

Something that pumps you up. Singing is mental.

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14 hours ago, VideoHere said:

You said:

"I am going to Denny's that morning along with go karting and bowling right after."

Then it's off to the studio to record vocals...are you serious?

No, its dennys then studio then go karting. 

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4 minutes ago, Jarom said:

No, its dennys then studio then go karting. 

Oh, well, that changes everything.


Eating is the same advice, don't eat heavy before singing. Since you will be singing for hours, you need only a short warm-up. There is only so much endurance for the voice in any one evening. I know others want to believe in the magic that one can warm up for hours then sing for hours. BS, I am calling it right here, right now.

But the advice remains for go karting. Give no quarter, expect no quarter. Remember these maxims of the US Navy SEALs:

accomplish the objective regardless of obstacles.

The only easy day was yesterday.

Second place is first place for losers.

Therefore, it pays to be a winner.

And everyone goes home. (we do not leave our wounded behind. )


My source for those words of wisdom was my friend, Lee, who was a second class petty officer and SEAL from 1964 to 1969, stationed out of Da Nang, Viet Nam. He had joined not long after Pres Kennedy formed the SEALs out of the underwater demolitions unit. In fact, training is still called bud/S (basic underwater demolition / SEAL). Lee had spent 3 christmases way deep in country as an expert in remote detonation of C4, though with 9 official sniper kills. Those maxims helped him survive. He came back with steel pins in his ankles, one in his right hip, and teflon-coated stainless steel left kneecap, but he came back.

Got off the ship and out of the Navy at the Port of Los Angeles and went to the employment office the next day. "What kind of experience do you have?"

"four and a half years of killing people."

"Here's a referral to Yellow Cab."

True story, but I digress ...

I think you are overthinking and need to relax.

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You might have recorded already hahah but I'll post anyway :P 

I personally respond in vastly different ways when I eat. Chocolate makes my folds heavy and muddy, while tomato, lemon, milk, ice cream and yogurt dehydrates my folds and make them feel thin and fragile, and I have confirmed time and time again that those things affect my sound and my endurance. Neither of the two scenarios helps with my singing, lol, so I avoid eating those things during the day, and if I eat other stuff I try that it's at least an hour before singing.

I am also with Ron in regards to stamina. Two hours is plenty of singing, so go with the mindset of nailing everything right off the bat, so then in the spare time you can focus on perfecting little details and harmonies if your songs have them. That's my routine when I record stuff here at least. Don't go overwarming up, keep your energy for the actual singing :D 

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