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samson q8 against shure sm58. or any other suggestions for new singer

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samson q8 against shure sm58.[ i know tim owens uses the samson,,, tate has used the sm58...] or any other suggestions...

im very new and ive never bought a mic before. i wanna get something thats gonna serve me in concerts , rehearsals etc

im joining a progressive metal band and i want the whole range to sound clear and robust... but i also sing softer jazz tunes and sometimes musicals.

i know ive said too much...but im very naive BUT very aware that there is lots o false adv. out there.

any help please?:(

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I've personally used the Shure mic with great results. Something else to look for in a mic is high gain before feedback and the ability to handle high spl's. (Sound pressure levels). You can use proximity effect to add bass to your vocals by getting close to the mic if you desire. Something else to consider is handling noise from the mic body. Some mics are noisy as hell whereas others are better dampened. That's the reason studio mics are on those elastic supports and not connected direct;y to a clamp. It eliminates rumble from vibrations in the room you are in.

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