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Dust in the Wind - revisited

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I know it's not fair, two songs in one night but my voice was in good shape and I couldn't resist.

I added a very slight echo to the guitar track, which seemed to brighten it just right, for my tastes.

Two submissions, actually.

Submission #1, vocal track has absolutely no effects on it. This is just how the mic recorded it. No eq, no compression, nothing done to it.


Submission #2. I ran compressor first, with a slightly highthreshold than the default setting and a ratio of 2:1, slightly tighter compression. Then, high pass filter at 150 Hz and low pass filter at 4 kHz. No eq, no echo, nothing. I noticed it made the ending lyrics "stronger" than I sang them. That is, I was singing softer at the end, in order to fade out slightly and the compressor took away the fade.


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