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How to warm up good and fast?

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Peleg Carmeli

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Hi everyone 

Every morning when i get up i do a little bit warming up to my voice and breath and after the breakfast i start singing but it seems that just after 2 hours more or less i feel 80 % warm.. 

After i go to the gym i feel like 100 % 

Can someone help me with this problem? 

I dont want to go to the gym ever day for warming up my vocal hahaha

Thank you

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Begin by yawning a lot, and neck rolls and stretch to make yourself relax. Notice the use of the word "make" here. Don't assume you are relaxed, just do it.

Then some occluded exercises.

Tongue Trills are more efficient, but lip bubbles will do too.

Split your useful range in 4, a low note, a mid low, mid high, and a high one. Low and high should be bellow and above what you will use to sing.

Start with low, and just sustain it, as long as you comfortably can, with decent loudness. Don't hold back, but don't force. Repeat 5 times.

Then glide from low, to mid low, and sustain the mid-low note. Make sure you start with the same note from the previous step, make sure the glide is linear, don't just skip to the note. Again, repeat 5 times.

Again glide, now from low, to mid high, sustain mid-high. Same as before, no skipping, no pushing, no holding back. Its ok to flip to falsetto. Repeat 5 times.

Finally, from low to high, same as before, no skip. Repeat 5 times.


And then to conclude, whatever guidelines you need to position your voice. Its usually a good idea to use forward I for chest, and NG humming to position headvoice well. But this is individual, use whatever helps you.


Should get you ready to sing in 15 minutes or so. If not, probably there are technical issues that you need to take a look and the warm up won't really solve it.

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Don't procrastinate.

Acid Reflux DISEASE is a very serious issue and is being brought more to the public's awareness.

This will F*&% your voice up as sure as God created apples. You must get it checked to be sure it's this disease.  If it is, take steps to minimize its effects TODAY!  There are several ways to holistically manage it too.



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It can REALLY mess with your voice and will affect you vocally in so many ways that thwart your training.

It can even make you more vulnerable to nodes and polyps because the acid attacks the mucus on your folds. 

 And if you have to go on to a PPI drug, tell your doctor you'd like to be able to cycle on and off because while it is highly effective, it has some side effects you don't need like being more susceptible to bone fractures.

I'd say over 80% of singers have this ailment at some level.

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Hello Peleg, I am a singer, I wonder what do you have for breakfast? keeping the vocal hydrated is key and not having anything that can dehydrate them is essential, things like milk for cereal or bacon would not be wise before singing. they will cause you problems. 

I imagine that when you go to the gym you are breathing a lot and drinking plenty of water, keeping the vocal cords clear with constant air pressure with help warm and loosen them and water to hydrate, generally warm water, NOT COLD.

Also, think about what you are eating and drinking before bed this will greatly affect your vocal chords in the morning. As well methyl toothpaste will also work against you. HONEY and LEMON or herbal tea with lemon i would have with slices of toast. light sirens i find are the most effective quick warm ups and cover my range. you could always do a light body warm up if that works for you, getting the blood pumping and mind focused for the day would be benefical in all ways.

I have just put up a new website, I will add a feature to your question in the next few days.


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