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Question for those who train CVT - Which modes are these?

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Hey guys,

since I'm just working on modes, can someone break-up this song for me.. This is probably the sound I'm aiming for, since I love this powerful full rock voices like these guys have...


Shinedown - Second Chance

So there is:

- the first part which is very low, starting at 0:12 - which mode?

- higher singing part starting at 00:35 - which mode is this?

- chorus starting at 00:52. - ?


Seether - Careless Whisper

- he start singing at 00:35 - this is lower part, which mode is this?

- then chorus at 01:05 - which mode?

- and there is this "please STAAAAY" scream at 03:25 - which mode is that?

Can you help, please? ;)

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