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Push from your stomach question

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I'm working on my support right now and I found out that if I push really really hard from my stomach (not throat pushing!! .. abdominal push) I can get some notes I usually couldn't. That's something new for me, I was never used to push really hard from abdominal area, but basically I just make my abs really really hard when I do that, like gym hard, in that second that I need to hit that note, and I push really hard from my stomach.

So did I just found how to add more support for louder and heavier notes. Do you have to push really hard from your abdomen to hit loud and high notes with powerful volume. So basically the more you have to sing louder and higher at the same time, your abs must go stronger and stronger and you have to push from your abs (someone will call it diaphragm, but I'm not because diaphragm is only for inhaling).

Am I in the right direction?

Tnx ;)

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You're doing exactly what I did when I first learnt about support.

You are doing false support ^^

Singing like that, "pushing" really hard from the stomache will make you feel like you've thrown up after singing concerts. It's not the most pleasant feeling. Also it's alot of energy wasted of doing something that's not required. Support in general, is about resisting the reflex to blow out all air at once. This is done by using muscles that affect the diafragm. It's hard though to explain it without a book with illustrations or with a video, but a good picture you should focus on instead is keeping the lower ribs expanded. The stomache should during your singing gently move in while the solar plexus remains the same or "appear" to be pushing out abit.

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What Snorth said. The push should be gentle and constant, very subtle, maybe not quite as hard as when on the commode (I don't know what your movements are like.) Any, the subtle, constant support combined with good compression (close adduction of the vocal folds) should get you where you want to go without undue strain.

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