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Miracle of Love

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Some back story for this song. I have been a fan of the Eurythmics for half past forever. Annie Lennox, who actually received classical instruction, sounds like a gospel singer from Mississippi, even though she's scottish. Dave Stewart, an englishman, is the person I most wish to emulate as a guitar player. He could shred and be guitar god as much as anyone else. Instead, he is always the gentleman, playing only what the song requires. This song was part of my recovery after my first wife, Deidre (irish ancestry and her name was properly pronounced that way, "dear-druh") passed away July 28, 1992. She was about half a year away from her 30th birthday. Her grave is in Carrollton, Texas, not to far from where her mother and step-father live.

Then I met my current wife in December of 1993. Our second date, she came to my condo. And I sang her this song, with this same guitar. It meant so much to me, and it certainly meant so much to her. We got married April 29, 2000.

I have not sang this song in quite some time and this is the second take. I sing it a little differently than I did 17 years ago and certainly a little different than Annie. I don't see it as a "chick" song. I see it as a love song. This version, including some of the free style vocalizing near the end is inspired from a live performance during the "Revenge" tour in 1987.

Please, don't hesitate to offer comments as you see fit, regardless of the history of this song for me. I tried some new melodies on the spot. I was going to try some effects but I thought, no, it should be heard, at least this version, as I played it for my wife, Brenda, 17 years ago.


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