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Robert Lunte

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FREE Q&A on singing and voice training!
That's the agenda!
April 6th, 1:00 PST / 4:00 EST
... Attend & Have a Chance to Win a FREE EV PL-80 Microphone!
:headbang::bang: :beerbang::moomin: :41: :bouncy: :bigblueeyes: :cool: :borgsmile: :39: :goggly: :headbang2: :grumble::woohoo::z-coffee:
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... Hey guys, we got screwed up on the time. The webinar system was set for a different timezone and we missed you all. We are rescheduling, same time next Thursday. See the above for the accurate details.  We will send out a new webinar invite.

Please register again above.

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2 hours ago, MDEW said:

I registered but did not get a confirmation Email or link to join in.

Some people got links others did not... don't understand why?  James didn't get the link when he signed up via "jameslugo.com" but when he signed up with his gmail address he did. Did you guys check spam folders? 

This is what the webinar guy said on their chat support system. I think you need to check your spam folders or whitelist my email. Whitelisting means you add the email to a special place that tells your computer that it is always ok.


Jeff: If it was showing for some it would mean it was sent to everyone who registered, it is certainly possible that some of the messages may have been delayed/filtered for some of them, in the future they'd want to check all inboxes and the junk/spam/clutter type folders if they don't see it in their main inbox.

Robert: ... I suggested that, but they couldn't find the emails.

are there any settings that might create a complication or impact this? Read

Jeff: There would not be, no. If it was sent at all it would mean things were set correctly on your/our side. You may want to recommend those people add your from email address to their whitelist/address book etc. Sorry for the difficulty there.

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  Awesome job, Robert and James. These webinars seem to flow pretty smooth when you have two people who can bounce ideas back and forth. More like a conversation between the two of you that we can follow along with rather than a lecture to listen to. I am looking forward to the next one.

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