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Enunciation and Diction

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Well this is two people who have told me now that I need to work on my pronunciation through a song. personally I dont see the point as all your voice has to do is sound good but never the less is there a proper exersise to work on ones pronunciation of singing words or do you just do it through each and every song you do?




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This is one of the things I was told to work on. I know what you're saying, but the words you sing should be easily understandable. I actually had a speech impediment. It's practically gone now. That also might make problems you've been having a bit clearer. And, as people here will tell you, making certain vowel sounds is important.

It's like learning to sing a song. It's much easier to sing it note-for-note first and then add your own flair to it than to try to do that from the beginning.


Also, your coach should be able to tell you exactly how to do this.

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15 minutes ago, Robert Lunte said:

That question is addressed in a couple lessons in my program. That is what I recommend and this is where you would find "the proper exercise to work on".

The Four Pillars of Singing.png


I also picked up a trick from a radio DJ friend who said they often warmup with a cork in their mouth, trying to read out-loud for 5-minutes. For my students, I have them read song lyrics for a couple of minutes before they sing again. However, that's only a quick trick that gets you used to the feeling and resets your enunctiation. Training to build the habit is a bit more involved.

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