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I have always, as long as I have defined my self as a singer, experienced periods of bad vocal health.
Over time I have learned better technique and learned to sing smart and kind of use damage control paths through songs on rough days but I find it really hard to just surrender to not knowing what really goes on.

Problem is basically this. 
During periods which can last from a few days to a few months in row, I experience like some configuration just goes out after just a very short time singing notes over the passagio.
What happens after this is that my falsetto/neutral is fine while my twang is totally gone and trying to produce twanged vowels result in a complete mess.
I can still sing cross the passagio with heavy voice production in a kind of overdriven manner but the smooth transition is gone.
Funny though how the configuration seem to work somewhat initially only to go out completely after a short while.

The common answer to vocal problems like this might be acid reflix. Go see a doctor, get your subscriptions and eliminate triggers.
Yes, my doctor has seen symptoms of acid reflux and I have been on and off prescription medicines for a long time. I rather not take them though considering negative sideffects from such meds. 
Also the meds doesn't really seem to do the trick or might work initially like some kind of pseudo effect. But the problems always seem to come back.
I also remember doing laryngoscopy one time during a period of experiencing problems and the doctor could not find any obvious redness. That thew me a little bit of the chair thinking it might have to do with something else.
I seldom experience severe "morning voice" which seem to be a common symptom of LPR or GERD. The problem only occurs when singing over the passagio and during long vocal lines.

I am interested in what other things could cause the symptoms i'm describing.
A theory of mine is that it is related to viral infection. I base this theory upon the fact that problems seem to go when after periods of being sick. My theory is that there could be viral infections that does not break out and just sits there waiting for the body defense system to react.

Another theory is that this is technique related and could be the result of a vocal blow out or something like that. 
Allhough I never change my technique and when I have a good day everything is fine and this could sometimes be from one day to the next so it really does not make sense.

I wonder what you think. Have anyone of you had or maybe are having the same kind of problems?


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I deal with GERD, and have to take calcium citrate to strengthen the LES. I ignored a lot of my ENT's diet suggestions though, since I eat slow carb, high in good fats. The only real symptom I notice from it is irritation - more scratchiness than anything else, and definitely not losing vocal abilities over it. If you didn't have redness during that time, I doubt it was swelling or irritation. I've always had bad allergies too, which sometimes make it more difficult to sing with fullness on higher notes, but also can simply force you to use better technique. If it's illness related, I would first suspect allergies and post-nasal drip. However, what you're describing sounds more like fatigue or muscular in nature, especially if you experience it most after a period of being ill. Those muscles will atrophy and need to be trained back.

How loud are you singing? How much tension is in your upper range? Are you pushing hor higeher notes? And if not pushing, are you putting more tension in the glottis or the diaphragm/plexus?

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Well  for many many years I would take PPIs or Zantac and thought I had acid reflux as the doctors with the redness around my cords etc. etc. however what I realized  was my technique wasn't that good even though I was singing for a living once I get my technique in order I actually had a real acid reflux bout  which was real and you could see it you could feel it it took many months to get better it was confirmed by pictures of my larynx it looked like a crime scene. After that bout which happened because I fell asleep right after I ate a big bowl of soup and drink some wine.  I just continued with my healthy technique and I haven't had any problems since. Doctors want to throw you want PPIs and medicine when all you really need is good technique solid technique. Unless you have a real bout without a reflux and you will now trust me

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Late reply!
I really doesn't feel like it is technique oriented. It feels different. 

I've done tours for bout 20 dates in a row when my voice been fine throughout the whole tour, even improving.
Then suddenly, my voice can change almost over the night on an off-tour/vacation period.
As I mentioned above. The reflux thing is probably not the issue. I've been scoped by ENT during bad periods (singing wise) and my folds have been in good shape without any redness och swellings. So that must rule this darn GERD/LPR thing out.
So it must be something else. Coming on so suddenly.

Two theories I have: 

Neck, shoulder tension - Sure, I feel tense on the off days. at least the production feels tense.
But it doesn't ever hurt, which I believe MTD can do?
Could it be as simple as this? When I'm singing on a rough day, it can almost feel like my nose is a bit stuffed and that something is stuck in my throat, although it doesn't come off. 
Some days it has even turned around like being really out of control at noon and great in the evening (very rare though).

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