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well i am new both to the forum and to singing, have had experiences with instruments though through the years (im 16)

So ive been in rockbands as lead guitarist, and it has been a cool experience but now i wanna sing, becuase the song is going to sound exactly how i want it to (limited to my vocal skills though) andi think it would be a great complement to my instrumental skills

so years ago i sang and everyne just covered their ears!!!!

so when i started playing in bands ive sang at choruses, the vocalists have just corrected me a little bit, not teaching me techniques though, just until it sounded a little bit more in tune

so a few weeks ago i decided i really wanted to learn how to sing, a teacher at school was teaching me how to harmonize and ive improved

i have a deep voice, therefore im limiting to classic rock singers with deep voices (roger waters, jim morrison, jimi hendrix, etc.) and ive tried singing their songs, after trying it for a few days i think ive found a voice ''color'' (if you know what i mean) that i like and i know that i can improve

so besides continuing building up that voice ''color'' and keep training harmonizing, and actually singing with the guitar, what else can i do???


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