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Whats my vocal Fach ?

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On a good day waking up

my range can go from G2( fry'ish) to a A4 (sometimes as far, as F5 ,but it starts sounding very thin after D)

here is some examples

Octave scale with the "uh" sound


few song examples

highest Notes ive recorded Journeys - open arms)


Lowest notes ive recorded (you raise me up - josh groban)


*one of the first songs i recorded, ive gotten better since this*

any other advice or information is welcomed :)

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anyone ? :P

Chavie: You'll get more responses is you put this in one of the other sections, rather in the discussions of technique.

However, To my ear you are singing with a tone quality and range consistent with high baritone or 2nd tenor. If you were singing classically, I'd say you could develop into a lyric tenor.

But since you are not singing classically, either of the medium-high male voice types would be fine to use. Timbre-wise you are closer to the tenor side at the moment.

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Chavie, that rendition of "You raise me up" ... Wow! I just loved the sound you had on that track. Even though it was not technically perfect, or perhaps exactly because of it, it had a sense of honesty and just a beautiful tone. Man, that was good. I could picture a movie scene in which some guy sings this to his girlfriend and no one knows that the dude can sing so everyone is taken by surprise. But he sings from his heart, even though he chokes slightly in certain places. Just perfect. Where's your Oscar? Just kidding. Now excuse my while I get my masculinity back and go hit the gym, lift some iron, hit the heavy bag, anything to get rid of the mushyness ... :)

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Steve: thanks a lot for the review,

i posted it here cause it seems the "technical" guys post a lot more here, but i can see what your point is

thanks for the help :P

Jonpaul: thanks man haha, i only sing this stuff for my Fiance

i really need to do some more masculine songs in the future lol

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