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Vintage Microphones  

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  1. 1. Do you own a vintage or antique microphone?

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Sometimes great songs come quickly in a burst of inspiration. This is the story of my student Michael Murray who had a songwriting experience like that. Be sure to enjoy his performance video titled, "3000 Miles of Room".

Special thanks to Ear Trumpet Labs Microphones for giving us the opportunity to record with their gorgeous "Chantelle" microphone. Check out these incredibly unique, handbuilt microphones from Portland, OR.



Michael has been a TVS student for about 2 years. He came into his lesson one week before this video was created and said, "I wrote a new song last night". When I heard the song I was blown away. This song has magic and it truly is great. I insisted that he come back immediately and record the song in our studio. Enjoy!




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