Question about teaching and vocal health!

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How do you correct a vocal fault (that could be potentially harmful) when the student can’t comprehend what you’re telling them to do to change how they are singing?

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You have to change the way you're explaining it; educate them more on the difefrent muscle groups, sensations, and visualizations; walk them through the new way while getting them to feel how it's different; and find other toold that assist them in getting there.

As an example: Having them place a finger on their bottom lip and telling them to "sing up and over it" usually gets them to resonate better in their soft palate. From there, you can get them to try it on different notes until they start to recognize the feeling of soft palate resonance. Then, teach them how the horizontal embouchure helps them stay in that spot while singing, and how humming while buzzing the lips (Tracking) all the time can get them into the habit of resonanting up and forward like that.

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