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Hey Guys, how are you doing?
I´m from Brasil, I´m a TVS Student since 2017 april. 
Before join TVS team I watched all Rob´s Youtube content.
Now after almost one year I started to record my songs. You can hear the result here:…/por-que-nao-uma-de-amor?

TVS Methodoloy really works, when I found Rob on Youtube I was a begginer, never sang before. My favorite part of the program is Onsets!!!

Thank you so Much Robert Lunte.

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Eduardo, lovely voice and song. It is neat to hear you sing Portugese. Hey, the pleasure is mine truly. Just hearing how it has helped you to become a better singer and is making you happy is my reward. You are welcome.

BTW, paste your AIC "man in the box" in here as well... 


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