Is it appropriate for a female to sing male songs?

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So I’m a 17 year old girl and I think my voice is pretty strange. My range currently is D3-E6 but I feel way more comfortable singing low. It seems that when I do sing in a lower register, I have so much more power as I can belt. As I reach the breaking point between chest/head voice it is pretty weak and quiet and then it gets stronger again at the top! My question is: Is it appropriate for me to sing male solo songs if I audition for drama school? For instance: ‘My Friends’ -Sweeney Todd/ ‘Shoes Upon The Table’ -Blood Brothers (and also a bit obscure but) ‘Captain Crewe’ - A Little Princess. I feel way more confident with songs like these as I’m worried to be seen as having a weak voice! If anyone has any suggestions for good songs for an alto(?) voice, please feel free to share as I’m in desperate need, thank you!

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Just think in the long term. Over the chorus of your life you will sing many songs in many different ranges. There is no "wrong" or "right" in any of it


As you continue to practice and work on your voice, the break will be less and less of a problem. Its ok if you feel stronger in this or that range right now. If you keep steadily working at it, you will gradually get better at singing whatever you want to sing in whatever range.


I assume you're still in high school. High school seems so important at the time...what people think of you etc etc. Trust me, after you graduate you'll probably never think of high school again and you wont even see most of those people again for the rest of your life lol



Peace, JJ

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