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Lightning up vocals as much as possible with connection

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I'm attempting to lighten up my vocals whilst still maintaining a definitely connected sound with good color. This is not how I intend to always sing, just trying to find the lowest possible effort and lightness with good sound, then am going to go to the opposite extreme. My goal is to find my limits on both ends. Any comments on this effort will be appreciated.


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Michael are you remembering to be conscientious of putting Sob Mode into singing? It thins your vocal folds and is a "lighter" configuration.  This does seem to have some Sob in it. I would suggest that you keep doing that!! This sounds nice actually. I enjoyed it overall. But..

I would suggest that you increase your respiration a bit more and a touch more compression. This needs a touch more compression to be balanced... improve bernoulli physics and add a touch of twang. Also, I would suggest that you strum with more finesse... the guitar is a bit "bangy" compared to the lovely voice you are presenting. That's an easy fix, fix it.

Proud to have you as a student!

BTW... your homies at RODE are sponsoring our tour in April and the boot camp in May.

The Four Pillars of Singing Tour

Vocal Athlete Intensive



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Wow, thanks Robert. And yes the only reason I was able to sing this light and connected, was the sobbing you have me doing. So thanks again for that, it is changing my vocals on a daily basis.

And I will definitely get some more compression and balance the air better. I guess those two things are closely related anyways. I'm going to carefully go to the opposite extreme. Get really compressed/quaky, and more amplified. Then find some middle ground. Then practice it all, and apply it for dramatic effect in my singing.

So I really am aiming at Jeff Buckley style vocals. His ability to go from quiet whisper, to middle of the road compression, then full on attacking a lyric just below distortion levels, leaves me in awe. And is very inspiring. Which is why I chose this song actually. As he has a version of this song.

Yeah the guitar was half arsed, I can definitely do better. I was concentrating on the vocals so much, my strumming didn't get much of my attention. The volume was up and down, due to me just banging away on it. Saying it was bangy is apt, as I literally was banging on the guitar lol... My fingering wasn't great either. If you listen closely you can hear some strings aren't depressed enough, so are slightly muffled etc... I will focus on the guitar for a bit, and get it right, then go back to the vocals. 

Thank you for your help Robert. I'm still practicing, and studying etc... And will catch you for a lesson soon. I was planning on moving, but it didn't work out. So am stuck where I am for another couple of years. So just gonna stop making excuses and put out some ads, fliers etc... And get some clients. I took an honest look at my efforts to become a Vocal Coach, and I can do better. So as I'm not moving for a while yet, I can afford some lessons with you in a few months.



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