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Why is singing so hard?

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no "rules" at all.  Dunno if u have ever played golf but it is almost exactly like singing. Its physical but also very mental....having to do with pictures in your minds eye etc and also feedback and perception.


and its juuuusssssstttttt complicated enough to where its hard to ever really nail it down and say 'I got it'. Takes years. there are a lot of ways to chase your tail endlessly

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Often what makes it really hard is not having a very clear idea of what you want, just trying to get the "best possible thing" out. Then you start to base the quality of what you are doing on something like how strong you sing notes, or how high you go. And since you can always go a bit stronger or a bit higher... Wel you do the math ;).

And of course, if what you want involves using the higher range, technique will matter a lot.

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I will add... it is hard... because you are training the body to do things it wasn't designed to do. These are exotic motor skills and coordinations that have to be trained. IN a sense, it is a "trick"... like gymnastics or ice skating. Unless you are a whale, bird, porpoise or cricket... we are not born singers. Singing has nothing to do with survival of the species. We don't need to sing, to survive as a species. That is why it is a learned and trained behavior.

Just because you have two arms and two hands, does that mean you know how to do a beautiful cartwheel across the floor? NO!  Just because you have a voice ( a speaking system ), that doesn't mean it is prepared to SING.

You have to train and get to work developing these strengths, motor skills and more... including tuning your ear to hear exotic sound colors, find resonance, etc... there is a LOT to it that is not natural.

The Four Pillars of Singing - Promo_PM_Fotor.jpg

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