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Hi , 

here is my cover of "man against the world " originally performed by survivor . 


I sing it 4 half tons down , because i am not a high tenor like jimmy jamison. 

Please review and comment for me to improve my singing. 


Thank you 




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Welcome back "Roddy",

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While I don't currently have time to do a full review, I do like your voice. However, I'm really curious as to why you dropped the key? Are you training to be able to sing that high? Because simply not being a high tenor doesn't mean a lot when it comes to training. You can train to be a soprano and beyond if you want. I'm naturally a baritone, and sing with my soprano students all the time. Vocal categorization like that is to help people give you pre-written part for a musical, opera, or choir. When singing contemporary, it's more about range. And upper range can be trained and extended much higher than more people realize. Like I said, I'm a baritone naturally, but normally sing up to C5; up to C6 with a few students; and I'm working on E6 to G6 right now.

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