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Best scale singing exercise for improving pitch

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Hear is a list of scales I picked up from someone but I have not tried any of them yet.

Hole tone. Dorian. Phrygian. Lydian. Mixo lydian. Lucrian. Chromatic. Diminished. Pentatonic. Major & Minor. Blues. Arpeggio. Oxg augmented.

Do you recognize any of them and do you know which is best or a better scale set for improving ones pitch

Thank you

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what's up Bop!

Minor scales tend to challenge your sense of pitch most.

Do you have a home training program? If not, I will recommend Robert Lunte's, "The Four Pillars of Singing."

All your questions answered! All the training you need for all things singing! Cheap, for what you get! I know, I probably spent over a grand taking lessons from top coaches way back in the 80's.  The 4 Pillars of Singing does much, much, more than that for you today! Get it! Then take a few lessons from Rob along the way. No better course of action you can take as an investment in your singing!!



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