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Am I REALLY a light-lyric soprano??

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I've been told I'm a light-lyric soprano (or, at least, that I would be one with the appropriate training...)...and, given that my music friends call me "Butterfly" because my voice apparently sounds like a butterfly (??), that does seem to fit.

However, my speaking voice is relatively low for a female, and I struggle with tongue tension on high notes, and I can sing down to a G3 fairly consistently (and sometimes even lower)....so.....

I guess I'm just looking for either a. verification that I really am a light-lyric soprano or b. opinions on what you think my vocal fach/voice type might be, if not light-lyric soprano.

I know voice type doesn't really matter THAT much. But people always ask me. And I also use the typical ranges as a guide to make sure I'm not pushing my voice registers too high. Stuff like that. So I want to know.

Recordings of me singing:

1) Smule (karaoke -- unpolished except for in-app vocal filters): https://www.smule.com/AliceMinguez

2) YouTube (original songs -- pitch correction (ReaTune) used on most): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCw4IAGUPZ57m_Xfo6yQmU-Q?view_as=subscriber

I'm a 24yo female, never been formally trained (not even choir in school -- I was a band geek!), been singing as an "avid amateur" for several years & using online videos/peer feedback for help with technique and stuff

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