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Can you do an effective warm up without doing the lip roll?

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So i hate vocal warmups. In fact i hate it so much that a lot of  times it prevents from even starting to sing for a few hours. Now when i watch one of these videos about vocal warmup, it seems that the lip roll is really dominating everything. My problem is that the Lip roll doesn't work for me. Can i do effective warm up while avoiding the lip roll?

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Dude there are many many types of warm up around and some I have learnt from different teachers and many of which I care to forget and yes one of those is lip trials.

But you do not appear to grasp the concept of the benefits of doing warm ups. Do you know why they are there? do you know what the physical benefits are from them. As I get the impression you dont!

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I never ever warm up with lip trills or lip rolls. My voice has a tendency to get light and unconnected, so doing those doesn't help me at all. They dry out my vocal folds and kind of nullify any ability of me to generate a chesty tone above my second passaggio hahah   So yeah, you can warm up without lip trills.

What I do is WAH-WAH-WAH and YEH-YEH on the center of my voice on a medium volume and then loud for about 5 minutes. For my particular voice, which has a tendency to pull my larynx up, I focus on keeping a more "classical" position, so my chest voice engages better and in a beefier way.

The head voice muscle (CT) warms up very well on the extreme of your chest voice, so if you do a sustained "yell" in a controlled way on say an E4-F4-G4, depending on your voice type, your headvoice will automatically be warming up. 

After I do that for 2-3 minutes, I do the same WAH WAH with the same position but in a lighter way, from the center of my voice to my highest headvoice note, and then come back trying to NOT CRACK. Coordination above all. Don't crack. And then lean on it more, bit by bit, until you can do medium volume NOT AIRY falsetto/headvoice, going down like a siren wth the WAH WAH's, and not cracking.  This is where my warm up ends and I begin the beef of my training.

Then I do a couple of medium to loud OOs a bit above my first break, and then I'm ready to go to the full voice sustained WAAAAAH sirening up and and down that I do. Then I do YEEEH, YIIIH, WOH  and then WAH morphed into an OO and siren up.
All of these are sirening up and then down on the same breath. Concentrating on not to crack anywhere, not even an unintentional vocal fry sneaked into the second passaggio/break. This is loud ( loud for my voice ).
This can go on for like 15 minutes.

Then I sing a couple of songs to practice the real thing, and then to finish I do another couple of minutes of controlled "yelling" on WAH, YEH and OO( Overdrive really, for those who know the term )

At this point my voice feels really worn out so I start doing warm down WUHs from the low-med range of my voice to my high headvoice, in a med volume and then backing up to a lower volume. This for 1 or 2 minutes.

I have to say that I have a vocal fold gap, air leaks through my folds unintentionally all the time, so I have to be very conscious of the sounds I make. They HAVE to be sealed, they MUST sound closed, never airy. Whenever I feel brightness due to air I stop immediately and start again. I must avoid vocal fry and whispering, and I need to talk med to loud and clear, with well positioned vowels, or my gap starts bothering and fatigues my left side of the neck.
Whenever I relax and let my larynx rise and do poor vowels, by turbulence kicks in, and in question of minutes I start feeling my left side of the neck burning and if too much, starts goosebumping.

So I know that this warm up works well for me because I start at the next day with a stronger voice, both on the chest voice and headvoice side.

If you're wondering how do I sing haha, here's an example:


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1 hour ago, Lord Zefron said:

Ow yes that is great breath support and alignment you are demonstrating in the pitcher of your video. Now I understand why you are teaching your students wrong techniques as to move the resonance away from the throat and into an unpleasant nasal sound to protect there voices rather then the correct procedure

The straw exercise was developed by Ingo Titze, look him up. The appoggio technique I teach for breath support is the same as taught by Pavarotti (perhaps you've heard of him?) and many of the most famous classical singers and teachers in the world. As for the resonant position you're referring too from my last video post: soft palate resonance has been taught for centuries, and twang vocal mode, narrowing, "vowel register," "over the pencil," "brilliance," "vowel anchoring/tethering/modification," edging/curbing acoustic overtones as related to pitch and vowel placement, and several other closely related techniques or names of the same or similar function, assist in moving resonance up and forward, away from the throat, and to the middle to the front of the soft palate, as is taught in the most prestigious pedagogies in the world, especially when it concerns contemporary singing. 

Are you simply trying to pick a fight with me? I don't understand. Why try to disprove me about another subject on a completely unrelated post? Why try to point out how wrong I am at all, instead of seeking to understand? Why try to state my students have some sort of unpleasant nasal sound, when you clearly haven't heard them sing? Why say I teach wrong techniques when you clearly haven't had any lessons with me or studied TVS methodology? Why try to disprove anyone here by throwing out the terms "wrong technique" vs this elusive "correct procedure" you have yet to show any evidence you know yourself? Why choose to argue with everyone you've interacted with so far on this forum?

If you simply want to pick a fight, you're in the wrong place. As a moderator, consider this a warning. If you want to discuss technique, then let's do so, and on the appropriate threads. I don't mind disagreements, but turn it into a discussion, not out throwing insults and disagreeing for the sake of disagreeing. - that's called trolling, which helps no one and contributes nothing.

EDIT: I just realized what you mean by "pitcher" (picture) and apologize if the way I questioned it came across offensive in any way. I also think judging me based upon a stock photo should be added to the rest of what I said.  On a more hilarious note, in some of the stock photos out there of "singers," they're singing into the wrong part of a condenser mic, and some even don't have their mic plugged in at all. Pretty funny.

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  • Administrator
23 hours ago, Lord Zefron said:

Ow yes that is great breath support and alignment you are demonstrating in the pitcher of your video. Now I understand why you are teaching your students wrong techniques as to move the resonance away from the throat and into an unpleasant nasal sound to protect there voices rather then the correct procedure


Kindly review our forum guidelines (rules), as indicated below. In particular, rules one (1), two (2), and six (6). 

If you have any questions or require any further clarification feel free to message me.




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