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What is wrong with my voice?

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Hi guys, my problem is that when I'm alone or with my closest friend, I can easily sing in tune, I mean, not hitting the highest notes, because I am not on this level of singing, but I can go through a song without singing out of tune. But last night I went to karaoke bar with my friends and when we were doing one song (Bruno Mars - uptown funk if you want to know)and I felt that I were not singing, but shouting. (Also it was the first time I held a microphone lol XD). I don't know what the reason is. I don't think it's beacuse I couldn't hear myself, because it happens even when I'm with just a bunch of friends and we sing something together and I can hear my voice. I also don't think the problem is being nervous, because I am not. I am used to people and I'm not shy then. Do you know where the problem can be?...

/also, sorry for my english it's not official language in my country lol/

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