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I'm Noah, I'm from New Zealand, and I'm almost 15. I've been singing for about 4 years now, mostly in the 3rd octave (My voice dropped relatively early, around 12). However, I'd like to build up some confidence in my upper register (above say G4), where up until now I've resorted to yelling (small clip provided) This threshold used to be a lot lower, close to E4, but over time this has moved up.

What I think I know about my voice. Based on my dad's range and tone (we both have the same range, about D2-C6) I think I am a tenor, albeit slightly lower set. My passaggio seems to be between Eb4-G4

I'd like to develop a mixed coordination of some sort so I don't have to yell when singing notes in the upper 4th octave, and also to be able to connect my falsetto to my full voice.

I've been working on this for a few months now, and I've found that I am able to slide smoothly between my chest voice and falsetto on a closed "oo" or "ii" vowel. This is only going up though (I can't slide bACK from falsetto to chest w/o breaking). I have also found another voice that is connected to my chest that I can take pretty high (goes up to C#5 on a good day, which is my highest yelled note; i've managed to get it to around an f5 on some occasions), but it is veRY VERY light (also an example provided).

My question is: What exercises do I need to be using, how do I use them effectively, and what is this mysterious upper voice? Thank you

(excuse the whistle at the beginning, i was messing around lol)

Ballad Of Mona Lisa.mp4

Head Voice?.mp4

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Noah, welcome.

Are you willing to train and practice?

If you are, then you can purchase a "light" version of my popular training program here.


If you are not interested in training and practicing to become stronger and more coordinated as a singer, then there is nothing more we can do for you. Simply filling out a response on this forum post is a waste of time if your not going to do anything with it. So let's first establish that your serious and will do something with it.

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