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Getting people to sing

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What is the typical range of an untrained male singer? I have heard from a teacher that everything under C can be a bit low for some men. This song has a range that might be big for an untrained singer:http://www.spelapiano.org/vem-kan-segla-forutan-vind.html If a typical untrained male were to sing it what would be the best key? And what key would be best if a woman would sing a long as well? 

I wanted to perform this tune with people who might join in and sing with me when I'm accompanying them on the piano or accordion. It be nice if you experts could give me some advice.  Even if the key were wrong for them it might be possible that they themselve would just join in anyway without realising how bad it sounds, right?

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Untrained and comfortable for most men? I would keep the high note under middle-C. Most men's bridge into head voice is around E4, so it can help to stay below that by a couple of notes. However, most men will adjust their voice an octave lower automatically, if your singing too high for them when leading them in song. And since you're asking about  women too, know that A woman's bridge is around and A4.

Speaking from experience: I led people in song for many many years, and everyone seemed comfortable when I primarily kept my melody range from G3 to G4. 

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