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The Britain's Got Talent Contract

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I've seen a couple of these videos - usually just a bunch of clueless 20 year olds who don't know how the world works. You don't get something for nothing. The talent show route allows the contestants to, theoretically,  bypass the grind of building an audience or following at a grass roots level and get massive exposure instantly. That comes at a price. I bet if you have, say, 100K subscribers on YT or an existing music career you can negotiate different terms. The more you bring to the table the more power you have. This contract is a catchall for the bedroom singers and pub crooners.

Anyway, contestant X goes on the show, and fails early. After a year of getting over the crash to earth they start releasing music and performing are the entertainment companies really going to persue them for ownership of content? I doubt it, unless they try and use the fact they've been on a talent show in their publicity, they're all ready yesterday's chip paper.

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I've never been on Britain's got talent but I was on American Idol and I had a friend on the voice. However, I assume it's similar to those. Basically, you become their product. the contestants signing in most cases know fully well what they're signing but that doesn't make them any less crazy.

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Err. Sorry but I don't know what is the surprise.

I mean suppose that it was your company, would you risk doing anything other than closing *all* the possibilities that could lead to people harming your business or collecting your revenue? I mean these singers have no image to protect, and any value that they may get will be due to your action. Contracts ca be negotiated, not having the leverage to negotiate does not make you a victim.

Say these artists that get to the semi-finals could just sign with anyone else. You promoted the singer and constructed their image, invested on the product so that another person gets the cash.

Of course, it's not a very good deal in my opinion, considering the chances of winning and the risk you take of losing and being tied to the contract. But this thing of *no one reads the contract*, that's just stupidity and you cannot blame it on the company, unless it was the case they were deliberately hiding the burden it places on the singers / lying about it.

I think I said this here before, I know one of the instructors that work with our The Voice (Brazilian version), they literally build the main performances, and rig it so that their choosen participant wins (which is also part of a marketing strategy). But the singers know it perfectly well and no one is really harmed. It only shows that you can not use these shows as some sort of parameter, specially NOT the opinions you hear given by the judges or whatever they decide to air to justify a given choice

lol even the performances you see, you see just the parts of it that fits the show. If they choose only good parts, it will be stellar, if they choose bad parts, it sucks. And there is high entertainment value on doing *either*. The only ones being deceived are the people that watch it, and well, I would argue that's what we want from TV isn't it? A show?

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Interesting post!  How you guys doing? I'm doing great, just been heads down on events and other things... came in here and did a singing review the other day.


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Do you guys have any information on The Voice contracts?.. I have a new student that is preparing for the auditions.

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