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Little achievement for me :D

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Just finally found that deep breath and managed to hit the soft palate with my some of my notes the other week at my lesson. I was extremely chuffed with myself. The difference in sound quality is amazing though, sounds professional for lack of a better word haha :D

Was singing 'Can you feel the love tonight'. It's an exam piece so I was really happy with the result. Now if I can do that in my exam, I'll be laughing.

Also, I have a Baritone range, A below Middle C and the second G above middle C. I'm 16. Is this a normal range or should I look into extending my range? I feel that some pop songs and some musicals are out of reach at the moment because of my range but I'm not too sure.



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Congrats !

Though your range seems off, if your voice has already changed from puberty. Taking C4 = middle C, you described your range as A3 -> G5, which is more Altoish than Baritoneish. I assume you took C3 as middle C ?

Anyway, range increases pretty naturally, though you can work on it specifically. And yes, there are more songs than you would think that go higher than G4. But your range is normal, don't worry about that, you can build what you need from here, and with almost 2 octaves, you have enough to mess around with. If something is too high, just transpose it lower. It's better than straining or sounding awful.

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The way I have learned it is that if you take a quick "micro" breath, (a short inhalation) you should feel a cold spot in the throat, at the back of most people think is their mouth, but is actually behind the soft palate. That is the focus od the mid range.

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If you take a deep breathe and try to feel the cold spot at the back of your throat. You won't feel it when you're singing, it's just meant to help you figure out where it is. It's a self realisation through practice though, and I don't always hit it :P It's like the notes going up onto the roof of your mouth and then outwards. I know that doesn't help but that's as best as I can describe it lol.

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