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I really want to improve (any criticism would help)

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I'm still learning myself. The best I can do is recommend you try some things I do, and maybe you will find the answer there. I'm not familiar with that song, but I listened to the original, one major difference is timing. Try to say the words as close to the beat as you can without ruining your own creativity. The original artists obviously understand the song. I like to plan ahead, about what the goal sound is for different parts of the song, like they are acts in a play. Study the lyrics and decide what the song means to you. Speak (not sing) the words out loud. Trying to feel the emotion in the lyrics. As you speak them, say them like you would if you were depressed, sad, angry, excited, happy. If you look closely enough you should be able to find a spot for several emotional sounds within a single song, which adds layers to your sound, and making it interesting. 

There are several vocal training videos on youtube. Aside from regular scales, pitch, all the stuff every person brings up, I have 3 specific training videos that I think could help you. "Vocal Fry Scales", "How to sing loudly", "how to sing quietly". I like to search for opportunities to be original in every song I sing. I'll try it, record it on smule, and as a social experiment, keep track of the feedback I get. Something I like to do often, is drastically change the volume I am singing mid-verse. I just started uploading on youtube, but I'll link a cover. The song is creep by radiohead. Try to look for spots where I did things differently. Try to experiment the same way. 

Quick edit, some of the coaches I follow, you can search their name to find them:

Freya Casey - She used to be a pro opera singer, stopped because the directors wanted to story to be tragic, and she likes upbeat messages. She is easy on the ears!

Ken Tamplin - Sings a lot of classic rock. He emphasized tongue placement, he is famous as a coach for it. He also does a lot of unique scales, and shows results of his students, and a cover of his own from time to time. 

Dr Dan Voice Essentials - He likes to sing alternative rock. He explains a lot of theory behind techniques.

Justin Stoney - aka Leonardo DiCaprio's unrelated twin. He does random videos while living his life, and he does training videos with the help of a piano, on which he sings examples of what he is teaching. 

There are a bunch of other great coaches, but these 4 I watch the most.

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