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I like it! :)

Try to do some cover with all the instruments. Not just guitar. That alone should make you sound 3x better.


Also more support. Breathe in your balls! Warm up before. Resonate. louid and proud. ;)

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You have a great voice.

This clip didn't show how you would necessarily handle a song with more dynamic range, but it did show that you have the ability to maintain a lovely, even tone and have a good ear for pitch. Your phrasing was true to the original and interesting, do you use it all the time? It may not be appropriate for all songs, but it certainly works for this one and would for a lot of acoustic versions of songs.

Overall, I think this was a really nice clip and showed that a lot of your vocal fundamentals were there.

Going forward, I would first want to hear you sing something with more dynamic range (louder parts, higher/lower notes, more emotional range) as it would reveal more of your vocal tendencies to me. 

It's hard to judge, without seeing you, but I think I can hear that you tend to raise your tongue when you sing vowels? I'm a voice teacher, if you were one of my students I would work with you on this on getting you to relax your tongue. Of course, that may just be the way you sound. If so and it's not from tongue tension then keep going with it. You also tend to go a little wide with your vowels on low notes and I would work with you on some exercises that encourage the lovely vocal placement you have at the slightly higher notes to move as you go lower in pitch. 

If you wish to discuss my feedback further, feel free to message me on the forum or just reply here :) i sometimes miss replies though so a DM might be better.

All the best!

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