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Hello, my 10 year old daughter is an aspiring singer.  She is in voice lessons and has been in some musical theater productions as well.  We understand she is not necessarily a "natural",  but she does have the drive and desire and truly loves performing.

Any thoughts or suggestions for improvements are welcomed to help her with her goal of becoming a singer one day? 

She has sung the National Anthem at a couple  college sports events and a professional event.  I am also including a link for one of her musical theater shows, Music Man.

Thank you in advance!


(National Anthem)



 (Goodnight my Someone)

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She did a nice job. How old is she?  Good ears,... the intonation is not too bad and that is a big win for everyone. For a child with talent, this performance is pretty typical. She had all the potential in the world I'd say. The real truth comes from, is she and the people around here willing to put in the time and commitment to take the talent and ability to sing to a level that is professional? That is always the first and most important question. There are people all over the place that can sing decent and well. But this doesn't make you a professional, nor typically give you a career. She needs coaching on this song. It is not just about singing the notes, it has to be interpreted in a tasteful anda artful way. More difficult for children to "grasp" that, but with a good coach that understands how to coach this song, it could be better. But overall, she sounds good. But this is about as far as you will go, until she gets proper technique training and coaching.


More of the same as above,. potential, good strong start, did a good job! ... with a theatery "vibe" and posture to it. It is obvious she is working with a classical / theater influenced voice coach. That is fine. She has all the "proper" postures and moves for that kind of singing.  But I think this young singer would benefit from having a contemporary voice coach that knows how to teach her to belt and sing with more muscle and strength. This is hard to find, but it is out there. This is the kind of techniques I teach. You don't always, and forever want to sound "sweet and girly"... singers need to be able to belt and have athletic power.

On both examples, she did a good job... just a talented kid, that can do a lot with it... but it will require a level of commitment at new levels if you are going to make this a career and be competitive. I encourage you and her to keep going, with the right coaching.

Coach Robert Lunte

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