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Singing along with basslines

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Matt A.

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I've been singing for a few years, but only with the chord progression. When the chord strikes, I sing with the chord notes, passing tones, or notes that are omitted from the chord. This is the first time I will be singing along with a bassline. Is it possible to sing along with the bassline, but use different notes? For example, the F chord is playing FACE, the bass is playing it's melody with notes from the chord or some tension notes etc... Can I sing along with the bassline, but use different notes from the chord? Or is it vital that the voice and bass play the same notes at the same time when the melody is the same? 

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If you are singing an already established song......The melody would not change just because you are now singing to a bass line. The Bass line would be using notes that represent the chords and chord pattern. A bass line is not normally a copy of the sung melody.

Are you now ONLY singing to a bass line? or are you adding a bass to another form of accompaniment like guitar or keyboard?

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