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First time singing

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Hello, my name is Christian and I’m pretty new to this forum I don’t really get everything, so I apologize if it’s the wrong place ! 


I’m 19 years old, from Switzerland, English is not my native language and never sang before in my life. Since 2015, when I heard Kpop for the first time I fell in love with it and this year I really wanted to give it a try (singing). So I did ! I don’t have a singing history, neither did I take singing lessons, I’m trying my best to improve, I’m a very very young beginner and to know what I have to improve on, I really need your guys help ! My friends told me that I got a okay-ish voice and that I have potential to get a really good singing voice but I never know if they are saying that because they are my friends or because it’s true ! 


I really want that feed back from neutral people that don’t know me personally, that’s why I’m here ! Again, I’m sorry if it’s the wrong place to ask that...


I really appreciate everything that you guys could tell me ! 


Here is a song that I covered :

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See the top menu and purchase a guaranteed review. Can't do free consultations. Maybe someone else can. Great to have you here. 

Kind Regards,

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