Hoarseness disappears when singing

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Hi all.  This past year I've developed a nasty hoarseness in my speaking voice, which seriously affects my singing. The cause is unknown at this time, though I'm going to be seeing a specialist about it soon. There are a few things that could be causing it, but I'm waiting for the doctor's word on it.  But in the meantime....

I'm very curious about something.  When I sing a few songs, whether in performance or at home while practicing, the hoarseness goes away.  The first few minutes are usually not the best, but after about 10-15 minutes of singing there are little to no issues! For some reason the hoarseness clears up.  Of course it comes back shortly after I stop singing, but that's no surprise.

So, does this rule out growths (polyps) or throat cancer or something serious like that?  I'm thinking (hoping) the hoarseness is related to meds I take for asthma and nasal polyps; or combination of them with the air quality around me.  In fact, I find that an air conditioned venue really lets my voice shine.  So weird.

I fully realize no one here (maybe) is a doctor or authority on medical issues, but just wondering if anyone has any insight on all this?


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