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Songs that do not suit my voice

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Someone had a listen to 2 of my songs and despite the range and voice types of the 2 artists where very different, I was told they do not suit my voice, I know that the pitch/ notes are all correct and I pulled all the notes with out strain and the chosen vocal mode and sound color matches the original song, but I am unsure of what he meant by they do not suit my voice as he did not go into further detail. This person is indeed (well if you class it as) a pop star meaning he has had a song in the charts recently so he must know something about singing 

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Although music is structured.....what is perceived as music is subjective. In other words....What sounds good to one person, may sound bad to another. And what sounds bad to one may sound good to another.

Without hearing you there is no way to know what the problem is, if there is one. He may just be the kind of person who expects an exact match of tone, delivery and expression of the original(or current) singer of the song in question. 

Try to imagine Elvis Presley singing an ACDC song or Brian Johnson singing an Elvis tune....Even if they are singing the same melody with the same pitches....chances are good that without some kind of change in the background music neither one will have a voice suitable for the others type of songs. At least not until someone  hears them sing the song without having first heard the other.......It could turn into a new Genre of music.

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