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(Help) 4 Questions (Need Help From You Guys!)

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1.  Can fapping daily for a long time effect your voice from the hormones and all the technical stuff that happens?

 Can it (in a process) change your pitch a little, help (or) go against expansion of the vocal range, and can it make the voice more "unreliable" and less solid (especially on the notes that close to the end of your range) ?



2. I need a help about finding a couple of formats for singing exercises.

(I've done a lot of searching and nobody helped me please)       (All of them are by Michael Jackson)


+ https://youtu.be/z2HSWsqVS8k?t=1m54s (on 1:54) - Michael is doing a "ohh" with a lot of different notes that seem to work more on the flexible side (correct me if I'm wrong).. Can you please help me find the format ? to post here notes as an example from that exercise from the video so I can learn the format and use this for my range.

* and the same (^) with the four exercises below please.


+ https://youtu.be/z2HSWsqVS8k?t=6m47s (on 6:47) Michael is doing "ma"  I could understand that 3 Major Notes UP - 4 Major Notes is on MAX - and 3 Major Notes DOWN (correct me if I'm wrong).


+ the same with https://youtu.be/z2HSWsqVS8k?t=11m53s  (on 11:53) with the "no".


+ https://youtu.be/z2HSWsqVS8k?t=21m1s (on 21:01) with the "oh".


+ https://youtu.be/z2HSWsqVS8k?t=45m22s (on 45:22) with the "oh" .


It's a pretty hard work (I Guess) to find these formats, I just want you to know that I really appreciate your help !


3. What exercise would you recommend to help with the flexibility in the higher notes, but those who are more close to the end of the range.

what exercise would make them more "reliable" or it's just that you need to expand your range more to make them more central and reliable.

4. (EDIT) Could you please give me a way of how to bridge through the passaggio ? 

Thank you all !!

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