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What to do to reach higher pitches in Curbing?

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Hi everybody!

The only thing I suffer with my singing techniques is only this Curbing mode.

I have found it in my middle part of the voice. To describe how it feels when I sing Curbing, is like singing Neutral but with this "extra" which I guess is the 'hold'. It also feels like I'm singing into my "sinus", which sometimes makes me think I'm singing nasal, but I guess it's the twang that makes it soo twangy cause when I pinch my nose there's no nasality. It feels about the same, but Neutral is quieter and softer, and Curbing is more louder (medium volume) and has this extra to it so it sounds half-metallic. Does that feel the same for you out there? MAybe?

When I try to go higher in pitch, into my high part of the voice. I usually turn out into Metal-like neutral or I force my voice to reach the pitch and it hurts. Sometimes I do a beautiful Curbing note here and there, but I can't control what is happening when I am doin' it. I do it correclty once, than the second time I fail.

Another question is that I know that the palate is usually lowered for the modes Overdrive and Edge, but for Neutral and Curbing, is the palate usually more raised? I know the palate should be raised in Curbing for higher pitches.

Hope you can help me.

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