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Please Rate My Singing! (Fly Me To The Moon By Frank Sinatra

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Nykko Landry YT

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You have a lovely voice. It’s raw at the moment but those raw materials are there. You have a nice tone too, with a lovely speaking voice- this is an excellent start. Your sense of pitch is good! However when you do go off I believe there’s one reason...and I’m going to go into it a lot but please please please do not see that as a bad thing. You have a good voice and have the potential to be a very good singer but everyone starts somewhere (trust me you’re further along than I was!!)

For you I honestly feel you need to RELAAAAAX! You’re pushing a lot, I can see it in your chest and overall mannerisms. You’re physically moving forward when singing and your hand is in your chest- you’re making sure you’re using you chest voice and your diaphragm is moving, right? Right? Am I right? This is not the be-all and end-all of singing. After you read this I want you to go find Michael Buble singing this song on YouTube and watch his body carefully and pay attention to how long he is holding the notes/words in the phrases. This song should be relaxing, the phrases should be legato and smooth. Maybe you were nervous? Maybe you felt you needed to push to get the sound out, but you honestly don’t! Because you’re pushing your phrases tend to be stilted and punchy rather than elongated and smooth. It’s also, believe it or not, probably making it harder for you to get the notes out in the first place! Tension when singing it what you want to avoid. 

Good way to start is to speak the song first- literally just speak the lyrics in your natural tone/key as a speaker. This is your golden space for singing where everything else stems from. You open your mouth from there to get a louder sound or narrow it to become more quiet. The way you sing vowels comes into it too but you’ll get to that later. You don’t need to force any sound out - you want a smooth, consistent sound that’s stable and sustainable. Not just in jazz but in all singing. 

I highly reccommend that you watch some of my vocal coach’s reactions On YouTube, his name is Sam Johnson: https://www.youtube.com/user/squirrelbasher

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