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Progress review! Snake Eater - Metal Gear Solid

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Hey guys!

I posted a few tracks a few years ago and I got a lot of great, helpful feedback that has really helped me with singing, particularly using mixed voice.

I wanted to post a song I recently re-covered. I first recorded it a few years ago.

here is the new

here is the old: 


Hopefully you guys can hear a difference? And I’d love notes on further things I need to do to improve if anyon me has time? 

Thank you so much! 

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Nice work, beautiful voice. Your a good singer!

Here is some feedback... watch that vibrato!

Your vibrato sometimes oscillates too much. Its too wobbly. This is a very common issue with a lot of singers, so don't feel funny about it. Sort of a normal thing we all work on sooner or later. For a singer with your capabilities, it is easy to fix. Just try singing your songs with a straight tone for a while until you can reduce that vibrato. I am not advocating that you stop vibrato. NO!.. I am saying that it is too much, too strong... it needs to be more subtle. 

Know that this has little to do with the physiology of your voice or physical training issues. It is about 90% to do with the "noise" in your head. It is a mental, visualization and awareness issue. You are unaware of it. If you start listening FOR IT, you will begin to STOP DOING IT. You have to first be aware and then start listening to make the change. It will be difficult at first because the vibrato habit is very hard to fix, but the more you do it, the more your aware, the faster it will chill out and go away.

Hope this helps.

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