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New to music, need some feedback please

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I’ve recently taken up the guitar and I’m hoping to get to a point where I can play a few songs around the campfire with mates or family. I’ve never sung in front of anyone before and self awareness isn’t my strong point, I know I’m never gonna be good but I’m hoping to get to passable, and hoping someone can give me some feedback on my voice? Is there any potential whatsoever there? I’ e found I can only get by with the capo on 2nd or 3rd fret, so I’m guessing my voice is quite high or young sounding?

Appreciate anything you can tell me, cheers.

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Hi Flippa, I have never heard that song before, so I looked it up. I found The Pixies and Placebo singing it. Did you get your version from one of those or another band?

I like your singing better than either of those bands.

You are actually singing lower than either of those that I mentioned. 

Part of training the voice is to sing scales to work on matching pitches just like you would play scales to learn the guitar and  teach your fingers where to go when playing leads and such.

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Hi Flippa! I really like your song. However I think you can improve simply by extending only a little the end note of each verse (roughly an eighth note). I also like the dynamics you made when you decrescendo and crescendo throughout the long verses. I'd suggest not to use so much vibrato because it may affect the agility of your voice if not careful with it. Just like MDEW said, practicing various scales up and down through the passagio can be beneficial! 



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