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Crazy Deep Voice Help

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Never had a singing lesson in my life, but starting school in Jan. 2019. I can hit an A#1 in chest, A#0 in Subharmonics, and I've found a lower subharmonic that even takes it to a D0(I think?). It's also getting deeper and better by the day.  I've only been singing (horribly I might add) for a few weeks. I cannot find any advice,  practice techniques, digital Tuners, songs,  etc. For this range.... Ive exhausted you tube on the subject. luckily I have a 2nd decent baritone range as well to help with vocal entertainment. Anyone that can help? I need a ton of work,  but really feel there's something special there I need to build on and share. 

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The practice techniques would be the same for anyone. Practice singing scales....Do,Re,Me etc....practice matching pitch to an instrument...piano, guitar any thing that makes a pitch for you to match. Sing songs and melodies. Record yourself so you can hear when you are OFF PITCH.

The voice works the same way whether you have a crazy deep voice or a crazy high voice or a crazy weird sounding voice. Matching pitches while singing a melody is the most important thing at first. The more you sing and work on singing the correct pitches in a melody the better you will sound.

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Milly I mispoke its not an -A1 it's around a D0. (I corrected the post) It's usually at the very end of my practice that I can do it,  and like I said I need a TON of work.  Posting public videos would be quite embarrassing.  I posted a couple on YouTube and commentators were quite the assholes! I really didn't type this to prove anything,  just to ask for help, because I need so much of it being a newbie. I wouldn't mind emailing you personally with a video or two though,  provided you don't share and offer some constructive criticism rather than insults. Had a meeting with a vocal coach at my local college yesterday.  She's going to start me at a tenor, because my lower register needs so much work (but its definitely there). 

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16 hours ago, Milly said:

And you have only been doing it for 2 weeks and now you are up to a A00bbb, whoo hòooo, please upload a link


Kindly show some respect for our member(s). Insulting and disrespectful behavior is not tolerated on this site. Any further behavior of this type will result in a permanent ban.

Thank you ! 

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