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Falsetto or Head Voice Register? Falsetto is a vocal mode within the head voice register that's characterized by being open and airy. I'll assume you mean light-mass head voice, although you can also mix in the Thyroid Arytenoids (TA, chest-voice musculature) in the head voice register with a little more mass and compression. If I'm correct in what I think you're asking, then try the following video. At first, you may not have much phonation in the passaggio. You can also bridge like this to any mass or "fullness" level, from light to strong. I suggest starting by bridging into a lighter mass head voice at first, to get used to bridging through the vocal break.


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2 hours ago, Milly said:

I see that video has nothing to do with fasetto 

Fasetto is just a breathy air tone in head voice, try panting would give you an exapmle

The video is about transitioning from "Chest Voice" to Falsetto(head Voice) more easily which is the answer to the question asked.

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