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Bass or Tenor?

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Im a newbie. So I have a really deep voice.  Can hit Bb1 plus subharmonics down to a D1. My bass sounds and feels natural to me. I keep being told that I'm an octive to low, and my choir teacher actually wants me to sing Tenor in January. This higher range sounds horrible and feels unnatural (to me), but it seems like a common theme among critiques. So am I a tenor with a crazy bottom range, or a Bass with a Crazy top range? I'm new to singing and am so confused with range...any advice or answers? Everyone says my Tenor sounds better, but my bass feels more natural. Tried attaching video, but it keeps telling me file size is to large and im tired of reshooting it to make it shorter.

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It's best to use a link to your video, rather than an upload. 

Great low voice! I can form solid lyrics on a C2 or D2, and sing pretty straight forward down to a G1. Although, below B1 feels more like Tuvan Throat Singing.That took years of work too. 

A tenor range is probably the most difficult to develop, because, for a male, E4 to A4 takes a lot of control over head voice resonance balanced with bringing the chest voice musculature back in without strain, choking, over-compressing, or too much push.

Start training with a course like The Four Pillars of Singing, or take lessons from a good TVS-Certified Instructor. Contact Robert or me and get started. There's no quick tip to helping you, but there is plenty your can do to start training solid coordination and strength in your voice. IT's not uncommon for someone to expand their range by at least half an octave, effortlessly, in the first lesson or two.

For now, place a finger on your bottom lip and sing up and over it with a nice big smile. Also, sigh through your phrases from full lungs. Yes, sigh. If you need more detail, look up Appoggio explanations with Michael Trimble. Also, try to whimper top-down a bit more into your phonations. Done correctly, it's called cry vocal mode. Not a baby-like "whah," but rather whimpering like a puppy, just like when you cry or experience extreme emotions.

In all honesty, it's best if you have guidance through all of that. 

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Thank you for your response. That is alot of great information, I was unaware of. Definitely worth looking into further.  I've only been teaching myself to sing for a month,  and won't have my first lesson until January. I have a gut feeling, they will move me to Baritone. My voice peaks at about an F4, before becoming ear crinchingly Horrible! I literally cannot go higher than C4. My 2nd and 3rd octaves are my "natural" range, but for some reason it also seems to be the middle of my gap. It's difficult to find the correct Key in that range, for some reason. When I do though,  it sounds much better,  it's easier to manipulate resonance,  easier to sing in pitch, etc. Doesn't make much sense if it's my easiest range,  but the hardest to find.  Any advice or suggestions on that particular issue?

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