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let's discuss "polish"

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(and i don't mean as in kielbasy..lol!!!)

hi folks,

i thought it would be fun to explore and get feedback on what we mean when we say the singer is "polished" or he or she has "polish."

i'll begin by saying it's not a "technique" per se, but it is an accoutrement, which really distinguishes a great singer from a good one.

i hear polish when there's consistent ending in each last word either by a wonderful vibrato, or a dymanic (soft, or loud) finish. the notes at the very end of a phase can often get lost or chopped and lose their fluidity and tone.

i think it's really key to finish out smooth and silky right till the last syllable. a lot of singers don't pay as much attention to the last words in a line as they should.

what do you consider the elements of a singer with polish?

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Polish to me does include technique in the sense that technical barriers don't get in the way for the performer. The "polished" performer not only has a mastery of the technical aspects, but also has a well developed style. Not that an "un polished" performer couldn't have good style. A blues artist, to me, would often be "un polished" but would have tons of style.

To me an example of a polished singer would be Gino Vannelli, or Pavorotti, or Adam Lambert. An unpolished singer with tons of style would be Joe Cocker.

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