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I have been playing guitar for some time now, and i want to be able to pick up the chords for a song instantly, but i have major difficulty in singing the sound i hear.

So i tried singing a few songs, really tried, and realized i have absolutely no vocal range, doesnt get sharper or "darker", it's just the word itself. If i try to do the song how it really is, either the voice dissapears or i cant hold the note for even 0.5 sec, just jumps back and forth with sharp and "dark".

Even watched some videos to see if i have correct form, like chest up, chin slightly down, breathing and all, but my voice simply has no pitch whatsoever besides the natural one.

How can i upgrade my vocal range dramatically? I would like to be able to sing, atleast decently in about 6 months, so i can play guitar and sing at same time :(

And not tonedeaf btw

17y, male.



So sorry for making you guys hear this, destroying the music

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If  it's a pitch issue, which I'm not sure it is, know that pitch is a listening skill that can take a very long time to learn. I use tools with my students like humming into and matching a pitch pipe, watching their pitch on a guitar tuner app, finding apps that train pitch through playing phrases or intervals you have to sing back in key, etc. However, it's most likely a resonance placement issue, rather than pitch.

For singing in general, you need to train for command and control over a lot of little muscles in the vocal tract, not just good form. Your terminology makes it a little difficult to understand what you're trying to express, so I'm going to assume a few things here. You saying "jumps back and forth" sounds like you're switching between light head voice and chest voice. Chest voice resonates similar to our speaking voice. Head voice resonates between the ears and can sound like Mickey Mouse. I highly suggest looking up Robert Lunte's videos on bridging and connecting the voice, as well as his videos on cry (I'm in a few of those too!).

Then, buy this course (it's cheap!), learn the onsets and acoustics, and jump into the training routines asap.

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Yes, that must the problem, the change from chest voice to head voice, and also a bit of low confidence singing.

Will do my best to work on my chest voice at home, which i guess is the best way to go right now, then head voice later on. And humming as well, which is quite a issue, to imitate the sound i hear i mean.

Thank you for your help :)

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If you are just learning to sing.....do not worry about the "Sound" at this point. Learn to match the pitch. Just work in the middle range(speaking range) for now. What you are doing is getting your ears to "Hear" and recognize when you are matching a pitch and when you are OFF Pitch.

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